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Reversing Entropy in Corporate Environments

Jun 27, 2023

Entropy abounds, particularly in companies as they scale. As the network nodes grow, complexities and number of conversations/relationship grows at O^n

PMs are unique in their ability to reverse entropy:

Some examples

As an individual Bug Report increases in Days Open, an incredibly complex ecosystem of watchers, questions, and actions starts to accrete. Over days or weeks, that becomes really onerous to keep in RAM, kind of like a Chrome Tab that’s been open for 3+ days

When a Big Decision needs to be made quickly, it either happens Day Of, or 2 Weeks Out (when everybody’s calendars allow). The best timeframe is probably somewhere in between, to give people time to come up to context, mull, pre-mortem, debate, etc. Probably like 2-4 days, depending on how much time is left until Friday PM If it’s Day Of, then it’s probably an emergency. We’ll exclude this case for this article

Creating Decision Logs for Product Features: On MM/DD/YYYY, we had a decision to be made about XYZ. The team who decided were . We decided Path A (out of Paths A-D, which are summarized below). Our main deciding factor(s) were … protip: to speed this up, you can speak it out and have AI transcribe it

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