Hi, I'm Alex. Here are a couple of things about me:

  • I bake bread, and I hate to be a hipster about it, but I was doing it in the prime window between when Chad Robertson and Liz Pruitt made it cool and when SF techbros started picking it up. See some pictures here

  • I like to walk around the city without headphones on, and if I need to look at my phone, I stop walking and stand off to the side. I think we'd all be better off if we left ourselves open to the city more

  • Here are some books that I'm currently reading (explanation of my weird system for reading books to come)

  • I organize a ~monthly bakery run to various bakeries around SF. It's inclusive (or at least I try my best to make sure we're acting inclusively) and (my aim is to) keep us in touch with a very important part of the community

  • Sometimes I take pictures. My memory is bad, and photos are a way for me to capture the feelings, the smells, the sounds, the words of things we've done

  • Things that I love: dogs (the lifeprotip for petting dogs is to walk up to a dog owner, hands behind your back, lean in slightly, and say the exact words "may I pet your dog?" Don't be offended if they say no, it's probably for a good reason). Dutch Bros. Sales on socks. 煎饼馃子 (the kind with 油条, NOT that imposter kind with Chinese tortilla chips). The Outer Richmond.