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Athletics coaching as a lens for Product Manager Management

Apr 4, 2024

TL;DR: one under-recognized skillset in PM Management is how to intelligently load a PM so they can progressively handle more complex and impactful work. Athletics coaching is a good lens to apply to this

Overloading the athlete sets them up for injury

and no, the premise of this article is NOT just for me to highlight that

alternate metaphors: current level: blue diamond, coach is taking you up a gondola to a black; current level: 10 minute mile, coach is programming 8 800s at 6 minute pace; current level: rental pickleball paddles, coach is facing you off against a couple who brought their own

For PM Managers:

You need to make time for conditioning and recovery, not just peak performance

For PM Managers:

Overcoming challenges that were believed to be impossible is good for athletes. The coach needs to build and apply taste to know when to push

For PM Managers;

For athletes, you are the one who bears the cost of coaching mistakes

For PMs:

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