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Sep 17, 2023

I was listening to the Invest Like the Best episode with David Senra, host of the Founders Podcast. They were talking about the “type of person” who becomes a founder, or an athlete, or an artist, who achieves incredible acclaim and renown from their work. There’s a drive there, but at the same time, almost by definition, a mania

My executive coach uses the Enneagram, and I have come to view this as a “High 8 - Challenger”. I’ve been playing with the 8 myself, even though on the initial test (and subsequent test), I have been pretty low 8. I have a lot of thoughts about how the world should be, but so far, it has been a good balance for my life to not spend my focus, energy, or compassion on trying to bring those “should’s” into existence

That being said, I have used that time to bring some could’s into existence: I got married. I found a job that I held onto for more than 9 months. I have a group of friends in NY and a monthly practice of inviting them over for free coffee. I have a lot of peace, which I think the 8 could unbalance, because the “Challenger” part of the 8 involves a lot of pushing. Senra talks about Henry Ford or Steve Jobs or Sam Zemurray “the Banana Man”: these are folks who left “no’s” in their wake, whereas I might get a no and say “cool, great, I’m going to go propagate my plants and make an iced coffee”, which is a pleasure of its own

But I find myself getting more “Challenge-y” about my world. I’m being more disciplined and consistent and “hungry” about the gym: I want to life more, run more, build my capacity to do work. Perhaps in preparation for what’s to come

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