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why healthcare?

May 13, 2023

Dealing with the US healthcare system is oftentimes lonely. You are often alone in your calls with doctors’ offices and insurance companies. You are often alone when you are trying to find a doctor that accepts your insurance. You are alone in trying to figure out what it will cost you, as well as unraveling the bill that comes afterward

What is important to me is to assemble a group of people who can help provide commentary, explanation, and guidance. But who also have the power and vantage point to make and push for corrections if there are errors. The best vantage point for this is a payer

But it has to be a payer that keeps the human at the center. In order for us to remember the human behind the Zendesk ticket, the human who is confused and alone and just trying to get to the doctor to feel better so they can get on with their lives, we have to design a workplace that remembers the human behind our employees. Remember that our employees have on and off days. Remember that they have lives, obligations, concerns, and interests outside of work. Remember that the default is for work to expand outward, and if we allow that to happen for too long, their lives suffer. And that’s wrong.

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