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Product teardown- TlDl

Jul 8, 2020

And now for something completely different

These teardowns are an attempt to practice a muscle called “Product Taste™”.

The intent of these teardowns is to go deep on software products and ask “why was this product decision made? What circumstances necessitated that decision? What does that mean for the future decision tree?”

These are all things that PMs have to sniff out and hold in their heads while charting the course with their teams, so let my exploration and mistakes and incorrect conclusions here be an example for others interested in getting into Product

Tl;Dl — Too Long; Didn’t Listen

Summary: social bookmarking for podcasts. Bookmark and annotate important parts of podcasts; share them with others


How will they make money?

Core job stories:

Growth opportunities:

Questions (that can be answered quantitatively):

Questions (that can only be answered qualitatively):

In the next part we’ll dig deeper into their UX/UI. Right now they’re iOS only

PS, I love their icon: TLDL app icon Mona Lisa with MS Paint headphones painted on her enigmatic smile

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