Alex Dou

Product Manager

Medinas Health (Berkeley, CA)
Oct 2018 — May 2019
• As the sole PM, built a functioning desktop and mobile marketplace product with live transactions and user growth
• Increased engineering velocity by instituting a Product Grooming process to produce concise, thorough feature specifications
• Ensured engineering was working only on the highest-impact features by creating and running a weekly Problem Stacking process
• Created backlog with ready-to-go feature requirements so that engineering is never blocked

Product Manager- Activation & Conversion

Anova Culinary (San Francisco, CA)
Jan 2018 — May 2018
• Increased conversion rate by performing user testing, running Design sprints, and rolling out Engineering changes
• Increased mobile app onboarding complete metric via in-person user testing and A/B testing within Apptimize
• Saved 10 manhours per week by automatically update Facebook and AdWords audiences

Business Analyst

Anova Culinary (San Francisco, CA)
Aug 2017 — Jan 2018
• Increased Q4’17 revenue YoY by performing analysis in Google Analytics and finding opportunities for the Direct Sales team
• Decreased weekly reporting time to 1 hour by implementing automated data pulls in Supermetrics
• Increased transparency and communication across the org by instituting and running a monthly Variance Analysis. Owned the followup of action items across Direct Sales, Retail, Ops, and R&D

Senior Product Specialist- Payroll Quality Team

Zenefits (San Francisco, CA)
Jul 2016 — Aug 2017
• Established a team, product, and process to ensure data quality
• Reconciled $400k in system error by balancing books for Q1/Q2 2016. Built processes, created tools, and managed 4 temps
• Triaged, staged, and directed Product decisions based on incoming Support tickets and feature requests
• Saved $10k per quarter by building a suite of automated audits to monitor system performance and correctness

Senior Quality Specialist- Audits Quality Team

Zenefits (San Francisco, CA)
Mar 2015 — Jul 2016
• Increased NPS by 40% and decreased churn by 30% by running audits to detect degradation in data quality
• Cut audit time by 33% by working with Engineering to build and refine tools
• Grew team from 3 to 12 by preparing training material and onboarding new team members
• Devised and owned the audit process for Life and Disability insurance lines
• Drove product development of Carrier Sync tool, a constant, automated scrape and audit of data integrity across our system

Analyst – Product Operations

Zenefits (San Francisco, CA)
Sep 2014 — Mar 2015
• Saved the need to hire 18 FTEs by automating the manual auditing process using VBA in Excel
• Onboarded new team members as our team grew from 2 to 16 in six months
• Created product feedback reporting tools in Google Sheets, SQL (via Mode Analytics) and Domo to tighten the Carrier Sync product development cycle