[WIP] List of AI/LLM workflows that are useful

Context: I work in healthcare, where the LLM revolution eats up a lot of daily news airtime, but I haven’t yet found any coherent AND confident takes on how LLM technology will change healthcare. However, I am convinced that if you’re not thinking about this, you will get left behind by those who are, so this list is an ongoing list to try and compile them as I find them, and hopefully remix them

Evergreen list of potential ideas that draw from the next section👇🏽

LLM that reads through Slack and can tell which conversations are relevant to your interests; it summarizes them for you if it’s longer than 5 replies

Find and summarize the “best” Youtube content out there



Catch up context on interminable email/Jira comment chains that you get tagged into (source here)

Sort of a digital Chief of Staff: here are the important conversations you missed out on in Slack; you are needed to make a decision—here are the relevant points compiled into a memo for you; etc (source: 24:27 on this episode of Lenny Podcast)


If you get stuck on a memo or email, immediately outsource it to AI to get your momentum back up (I’ve been using Lex). It’s easier to edit something already on the page than overcoming the blank page—this tool can help you break through writer’s block