Fox Weather App Part 1/n

I was watching football when this ad for the Fox Weather app came on.

“this app will change how you think about weather”

“it will blow your mind”

Bold claims. Let’s see if it does

TL;DR: it doesn’t, but it’s still worth tearing down to understand how big businesses build apps to support long-term strategy. It also gets us into a fascinating world of weather apps, and a surprisingly deep bench of competitors, including a Twitter subsidiary

For now, let’s start with just the app itself:

You can download the app here: iOS and Android

Pages of the Fox Weather App

You can watch a screen recording of all the screens in the app here

But if you want to save 1:30 of your life, just know that “it’s a weather app, and you can do most of the things you would expect a weather app to do”:

The app also boasts a “Plan It” feature, where you can input the dates and location of any upcoming trips, and the app will keep track of the weather in the area


The app is free to Users, and there are Banner Ads slotted into the Read and Watch Tabs

In the settings, there is also an option for “Do Not Sell My Personal Information”


Looks like they hit 1M downloads:

That’s not nothing, but it’s also not a lot: 1M is 1/350th of the US. They’ve got a while to catch up to *My Talking Tom’s* 500M installs