Let's get down to business

I have most of the pieces in place. I have a:

The workflow looks like:

  1. Clone repo using the link on the project page
  2. Make changes to the layout files that have been cloned to my computer
  3. Test using the jekyll serve command (from this page)
  4. Repeat Steps 2-3 until I see the changes that I like
  5. Add and commit with git add . and git commit
  6. Push with git push
    • If I fuck up irreperably along the way, just delete the files and re-clone from Step 1

Examining the Minimal theme

It’s been a while, so here’s the link to the Github Page-supported Minimal theme

What I want to do now is dissect it to try and recreate it

That’s enough for now, let’s try to build these.

Notes for today: