Starting to Customize- Xanga Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Today I want to try to dig into the HTML and CSS to:

To do that, I’m using the stock Jekyll themes supported by Github, located here. The rough plan over the next few days is to replicate one of the themes as best I can, and then compare, similarly to the Benjamin Franklin method of improving writing (located about 3/4 of the way down this article)

  1. Choose a theme. Minimal looks really nice
  2. Break down the elements that I’m going to have to build:
    • Sidebar / main content gif here
    • Font styles
    • Specifically around ul items: looks like they’re currently styled with Times screenshot here * Treating images (a little outside the scope here, but important, as the images above are a little large and distracting)
  3. Are there any pages that this theme will clash with?
    • Home- I don’t think so
    • About- I don’t think so
    • CV- Not clash, but compressing the main content into half the page will likely crowd the CV content
    • Blog- I don’t think so